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Til Dock Do Us Part

Skimpy swimwear? Check. Shenanigans on the ship? Check. Nine exclusive steamy and sweet mm romance stories? You better believe it!

Cruising is an MM anthology featuring nine brand new, vacation-themed short stories ranging from friends-to-lovers rom coms to steamy billionaires and rockstar spice.


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I just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to dating. Every first date ends in complete disaster, one after another.


I’d call it a curse, really. Sometimes I feel like fate has doomed me to walk the earth alone for all eternity. 


Until one evening, on my walk home from yet another horrible first date, I trip and fall right into the arms of the man of my dreams.


Jace is gorgeous, sweet, intelligent, and so very enticing.


But fate has a wry sense of humor, because it turns out Jace is my teaching assistant for the semester.


He’s off limits. Dating him would be unprofessional and wrong. Very, very wrong. 


Except, when Jace is near me, flirting and tempting me with his wholesome charm, I can’t quite seem to remember why it’s so wrong at all…

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