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Mask of Sin was previously published in Phobia: A Dark Romance Anthology. It is a short story of approximately 36,000 words and, other than a few very minor extra details or word changes here and there, this version is the same as what was available in the anthology.

Mask of Sin Trigger Warnings: This story contains references to, detailed accounts of, and/or depictions of suicide, sexual assault, physical violence, death, and drug use. Reader discretion is advised.

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🏕 Altitude Adjustment by Michaela Cole is available in PACKING: An M/M Anthology! 🏕

Finding love on the road is the unexpected bonus to hilarious and fun travel adventures the characters from the anthology PACKING experience. Check out this romantic, light-hearted collection of novellas by some of your favorite authors.

Dacen Becker: New guy in town. Wants to finish high school as peacefully as possible. No angst, no drama, play soccer, make some new friends.

As one of the only hipster-clothes-wearing, luxury-vehicle-driving teenagers in a sea of plaid, camouflage, and loud souped up trucks, he unfortunately sticks out like a sore thumb at Knoxton Falls High School.

Lucky for him, he’s a handsome, fun-loving guy with a heart of gold that everyone warms up to quickly. Well, almost everyone… but Dacen’s not one to back down from a challenge.

And when that challenge comes in the form of one hot boy with the body of a god and the lips of a sinner? That drama-free senior year goes up in a pouf of smoke before it even begins.

Ryne Sutton: Grouchy. Aloof. Sexy but kind of a jerk. These are the words most people would use to describe him. And that’s the way he’d like to keep it.

He’s spent nearly half his life keeping his shields up, and has no plans of removing them now. His priority is a kick-ass soccer season and preparing for a future in the sport.

Then the new guy crosses his path at tryouts and repeatedly afterwards. He doesn’t like him, wants nothing to do with him, yet can’t help watching for Becker around every corner.

Even if it’s just to give him a few verbal punches and scorching glares, Ryne’s empty shell of a heart flickers whenever he’s near.

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Gay Romance MM Romance Author

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